ULTRA Teaches Origins Of Graffiti Style Class At Blind Whino 9/25


"por vida" aerosol on wood, 4'x8'
The origins of modern graffiti dates back decades, but it wasn’t until the marketing of cheap spray paints with larger palette of colors in the 60’s that aerosol graffiti took off. The transversal caps sold on most cans of paint usually sprayed in a fan shape which was useless for stylistic painting. In the 70’s, most companies began using an even cheaper cap called a “stock cap” which required a very quick and adept hand to avoid drips. Around this time graffiti artists began swapping out the stock caps with caps they found on other types of aerosol cans. First discovered were oven cleaners and other industrial sprays like spray adhesives or spray starches that carried “fat caps” that were used extensively for fills. Different types of spray fixative and other cans such as Testor’s model paint and spray acrylics carried “detail caps” or (on the west coast) “phantom caps” or “flares” which replaced stock caps for outline use. Graffiti artists became obsessive about caps, keeping the caps in baggies or film canisters and constantly cleaning them with nail polish remover or by affixing them to cans of graffiti remover and spraying. Sources of caps were a highly-guarded secret. It was a great disappointment to go to your favorite store and find all the best caps removed from whatever aerosol can was your hidden favorite.

ULTRA Contributes Piece To Wu Tang-inspired "Chambers" Art Show At Blind Whino 9/24/2016

"liquid swords" aerosol+acrylic on canvas, 16"x20"


ULTRA Hosting Live Painting At Endless Summer Massive Saturday, August 27

On Saturday, August 27, Asad ULTRA Walker will be hosting a paint showcase at One Love Massive’s Endless Summer Massive event at a secret location. DC's realest graf heads will be painting 6 large panels, which will then be auctioned off.

Here's the press release on the event:

"On August 27, funk lovers and underground fanatics from across the DC Metropolitan area are invited to converge on a surprise secret location for a mega massive event. We've got Tittsworth and Reagan Bombs coming back into town, and they will be joined by CMPTVR CLVB and Congo Sanchez for funky good time.

We're also promising food, vendors and live graffiti as well, in what should be something incredibly special. For approximately eight months now, we've been sitting on the powder keg of music, emotion and #oldDC soul meeting thumping Parisian grooves that we fell in love with the first time we pushed play. Tittsworth's the guy responsible for bringing so many hard electro moments, moombahton instant classics, a beloved nightclub and global recognition to the city, so we knew we had to do this right. This time, we're ABSOLUTELY certain that we have.


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From the ancient world onward, patronage of the arts was important in art history. It is known in greatest detail in reference to medieval and Renaissance Europe, though patronage can also be traced in feudal Japan, the traditional Southeast Asian kingdoms, and elsewhere. Artists as diverse and important as Chr├ętien de Troyes, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, William Shakespeare, and Ben Jonson all sought and enjoyed the support of noble or ecclesiastical patrons. Figures as late as Mozart and Beethoven also participated in the system to some degree.

Pics From Rolldown Getdown

On Saturday, August 6, Word Beats & Life and Asad ULTRA Walker hosted a paint jam on the security gates of 1301 Rhode Island Avenue NE, DC. Featuring: Erebus, Nils, AREK, John Grunwell, Nebsi, Ivan Collich, JURNES , Grab, Monolith, REI21, M2, Zoen, Tokyo13, FREAK, Daniel Sanchez, Alberto Santillan, NEA, ENVY, Adaeze Olayinka, ULTRA, GATOR, Charlotte Hager, Mizta, Amanda Colgrove, CRI, NEVS, MODE, Cita Sadeli 'Chelove', MASPAZ, STOE, Clowny, DAVER, GOBE, M Hasako...


Phife Is Living Paint Jam Photos

On Saturday, July Words Beats & Life hosted the Phife Is Living Park Jam in Marvin Gaye Park in NE DC. I curated the "Getting Up" paint jam and invited of my favorite artists to participate. Big thanks to HKS 181, TUC, VIRS, DECOY, HUF, MONOLITH, Meliza Brillantes, TOKYO13 and Miriam Sugranyes for a great event! (scroll down to see more pics)


Asad ULTRA Walker Hosting 'Getting Up" Paint Jam At The Phife Is Living Park Jam

DECOY, HUF, Miriam Sugranyes, Meliza Brillantes, Monolith, Natalie Chenault, ONEEIGHTYONE, STER, TokyoThirteen, TUC, ULTRA, VIRS...
On July 16th at Marvin Gaye Park (5200 Foote St NE), Word Beats & Life is bringing you the dopest community festival we've ever done! We're transforming Marvin Gaye Park into an arts, culture, and health expo lifting Phife up as an example of the epidemic of diabetes, the need for healthier food, the eradication of food deserts, access to quality health care and the arts as an economic engine for a healthy community. There will be live music from Carolyn Malachii, Gods'Illa, The Reminders, Coexist Music Group, as well as: 2 chess tournaments, skateboard exhibitions, bike tours and repair, FREE health testing, yoga and much more to be announced! $300 prize photography competition.
During the event, Asad ULTRA Walker is inviting 15 artists to paint 8'x4' panels being built among the trees in the “Gettin’ Up!” area along Foote St. These panels will have a theme to revolve around Phife, A Tribe Called Quest and/or Healthy Living. Just Announced: There will be a $200 prize for most popular panel as voted by Park Jam attendees. Winner will be announced at 5pm.

IMPORTANT: Please share this event with family and friends and ask them to rsvp at https://www.facebook.com/events/560533144129034/.

Phife, A Tribe Called Quest, Healthy Living

vertical panels (8’ tall and 4’ wide)

Important Dates:
event day: Saturday, July 16 12-5pm (set up from 10am-12)

5200 Foote St NE, Washington, DC 20019 (google map)


Just Added: Photography Competition