Asad ULTRA Walker Among Featured Public Artists At Broccoli Fest 2018 04/28

Saturday, April 28th, 2018
Gates open at 12:00pm
RFK Stadium Festival Grounds Lot 8

MAS PAZ, BENT, CRI, Monolith, CHELOVE and I will be painting 3-panel installations all day of the event. Come and say hi... Pictures later.

"Broccoli City Weekend, is an incubator for all who strive to create a better world. Broccoli City will host a variety of events leading up to the festival, everything from city runs, to community action events, to an all night art escape, culminating with the all-day Broccoli City Festival. The Broccoli City Week highlight will showcase the first Broccoli City Conference, a 2-day interactive conference co-hosted by GOOGLE DC, focusing on the brands mission to build thriving, resilient communities by improving and highlighting Environmental Justice, Economic Sustainability, Culture, Food Access, and Education in undeserved communities."

"The first Broccoli City Festival was started in 2013 to draw attention for Earth Day, aligning with the brands mission to build thriving urban communities to sustain future generations by mobilizing and educating urban millennials through social impact campaigns and major events. Through our programs we are creating higher standards of sustainable living, environmental sustainability, renewable energy, economic opportunity, and access to high quality food and shelter."